Technical Writing and Document Design (Syllabus and Assignments)

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Technical Writing and Document Design: "Creativity, Risk, and Reward" (ENGL 30223)

Writing and design are highly intertwined processes, both requiring rhetorical savvy and a sense of empathy. In this course, we continue centuries of attention to manuscript preparation, typography, and the sensory geometry used to deliver the written word.

In this class, students have the opportunity to further develop their communication skills, learn more about your writing, and apply your knowledge to a variety of genre projects. Students work on four general areas of inquiry: [1] considering the expectations and dynamics of particular audiences; [2] applying the principles of document design to specific projects; [3] shaping writing into various forms; and [4] reading, writing, and speaking about—and listening to—ideas about technical communication. All in all, the course is designed to focus on information design and to develop students' understanding of technical rhetoric, with an emphasis on the purpose, audience, and tone in writing and speaking. Students develop individual projects, collaborate on group assignments, provide feedback on projects, and deliver presentations. 


  • Syllabus and Calendar (Tech_Writing_Syllabus.pdf)
  • Entrepreneurship Assignment (Semester_Project_Entrepreneurship.pdf)
Download this file (Semester_Project_Entrepreneurship.pdf)Semester_Project_Entrepreneurship.pdf[Entrepreneurship Project Assignment]
Download this file (Tech_Writing_Syllabus.pdf)Tech_Writing_Syllabus.pdf[Syllabus for English 30223 at TCU]
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